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to be honest, i haven’t done a lot of writing recently.

sure, i write comments on sports articles and post on message boards. but i wouldn’t call that writing. i haven’t REALLY written anything since college. I’ve thought about this a few times. so here goes, i’m beginning this blog.

some pertinent info about this going forward:

  • the lack of capitalization and sporadic punctuation in my writing is intentional. it’s not really intentional anymore, but this has become my posting style. i think it helps achieve a certain tone. nothing set in stone here though.
  • i am from the first internet generation. i use internet shorthand. i will try not to go too far. no promises.
  • there will probably be a lot of articles about sports (many denver broncos related i’m sure) on here. although i think this will be a nebulous project at first.
  • most importantly, i appreciate feedback. i need it as much as possible. good and bad.
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